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Is Your Expandable Reporting Dependent on Static Spreadsheets?

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Save Time on Data Analysis

Drill into the detail directly from Excel to spot anomalies and identify the root cause in your Expandable ERP data.

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Reduce the Number of Inquiries from Other Departments

Empower non-finance users with access to data in a form that they can easily understand to answer their follow-up questions for themselves.

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Real-time Reporting Designed for Finance

A fast, flexible, and self-service reporting tool that empowers users to think outside the box of standard reports and create the reports your organization needs—without relying on IT or expensive consultants.

Tap into the Full Potential of Your Expandable ERP Data

Close Your Books Faster

By connecting to your Expandable ERP data from inside Microsoft Excel, your entire team can quickly create custom reports or get a jump start with pre-configured queries from your peers. Drill down to see the data behind the numbers and get instant answers to critical business questions.

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Get Up and Running Fast

With an easy install for short time to value, insightsoftware solutions automate time-consuming processes while adhering to your Expandable ERP security. Experience high levels of user-adoption with complete integration with Excel—finance’s tool of choice.

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Speed Up Analysis with Fast, Flexible Reporting

Build reports once, then refresh with live data as needed. Drill down to transaction level details to identify and resolve variances on the spot. Easily create the roll-ups and groupings you need to report your desired account structures, giving you the flexibility to view your data exactly how you want to it.

Datasource Expandable Feature Flexiblereport

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Flexible, cloud-based corporate tax software that improves the tax function across companies, designed for large entities with complex needs in foreign exchange or complex organizational structures headquartered in North America, EMEA or elsewhere.

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Real-Time Reporting that Connects to 140+ ERPs Directly in Excel

5 Things Not To Do When Choosing A Financial Reporting Tool Jet Resource D365 Finance And Ops

5 Things Not to do When Choosing a Financial Reporting Tool

The reality for many businesses is that they are overwhelmed
Transactional volume is growing at exponential speeds. Even though most companies have critical systems, like ERPs, that capture all this data, they are still struggling to access and make sense of it at the same speed as business operations. Reporting tools are critical, but choosing the right one can often be daunting with so many options in the market.

It’s time to take a good, hard look at the business systems you own, and the processes you have in place to report, plan, and analyze information. This eBook outlines five things to avoid when choosing a reporting tool, to ensure you find the right solution to help you take the massive amount of information that you’ve aggregated and turn it into insights that help you drive business performance.

  • Download this eBook to learn:
  • Why bundled reporting products aren’t always the best option
  • The pros and cons of Oracle stack options
  • The power of running the reporting software over your own live data before purchase
  • The primary reason for low user adoption of reporting tools
  • How focusing on the end-user can drive performance and success
  • The key functionalities your end users can’t live without

There is a lot to think about when researching and finding the right reporting tool to drive business performance throughout the whole organization. Get a complimentary Hubble demo to find out if it is the right solution for you.

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