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CFO & COO of Award-Winning Winery Makes Faster, More Informed Business Decisions with Jet Analytics

Honig Vineyard and Winery uses business intelligence as a catalyst for new revenue, reduced cost, and solid support for critical business decisions

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Award-winning wine producer based in Napa Valley, Honig Vineyard and Winery had been having trouble getting a complete view of their data after implementing a new ERP solution, Dynamics NAV. Tony Benedetti, CFO and COO, was forced to take time out of his busy day running the business to search for reports in the system to suit their unique operations and needs. The reports he did find never ended up making the cut and had to be heavily modified by their software partner to make it work. Although their ERP system was perfect for collecting and storing data, Tony decided a complete business intelligence solution would help optimize decision making and streamline their complex reporting requirements.


After consulting with the company’s software solution partner, DXC Eclipse, Tony chose to implement an easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence solution built for Dynamics NAV—Jet Analytics. Since then, Tony has seen a significant improvement in the time to write reports, as well as the overall quality of data in the reports. Tony can now ask a question, get an answer, and carry on with his day—with no more data errors or formatting issues to worry about. Having access to this granular level of data has helped Tony render the most valuable insights in real time, to understand what’s happening when it’s happening, and take the appropriate steps to ensure optimal business performance.

“Now, I can look at historical numbers and I’m able to slice by time, products, and territory; I can narrow my analysis down to certain dimensions and spot trends as they develop.”

“I can create a report 50-70% faster, with much higher quality.”

Tony Benedetti CFO & COO

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