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Swedish Bakery Improves Budgeting and Forecasting by Integrating a New Tool with an Existing Qlik Solution

Almondy implemented Bizview to create faster forecasting processes and improved collaboration.

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About the Customer

Swedish bakery Almondy makes and sells cakes both within food service and retail. It all started with a small bakery in Gothenburg and has now grown into one of the largest cake manufacturers in Sweden.


Bizview Systems partner and Gothenburg-based consultant Optivasys specializes in implementing and designing BI and financial planning solutions to customers. Optivasys had previously helped Almondy with their QlikView solution, which is now used in virtually all parts of the company with applications for finance, production, quality, and inventory.

When Almondy identified a need to add a forecasting and budgeting tool, they opted for Bizview with the help of their existing implementation partner Optivasys. Prior to implementing Bizview, Almondy had been working with an in-house database that was manually filled in with results from their business system. Furthermore, they were mapping tables between the systems. The transparency between the systems was lacking, and it was hard to get a clear overview.


Now, Almondy uses Bizview for their sales forecasts and plans to expand usage into creating sales budgets.

With Bizview fully integrated within their Qlik environment, the base consists of an already validated data source, which is updated through one click, and subsequently makes up for the foundation of Bizview’s structured budgeting and forecasting process with its Excel-like forms.

“The project implementation was very smooth and efficient”, says Mikael Niklasson, Business Controller at Almondy.

“It was a very smooth integration between QlikView and Bizview, and the systems work great together.”


“The forecasting process is faster and easier for everyone involved. We also have better possibilities to secure the data in every step, and it’s clear to see who has made what change, which improves collaboration and makes the process more efficient.”

"The forecasting process is faster and easier for everyone involved."

Mikael Niklasson Business Controller

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