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Interview with André Lara Resende

  Columbia University, New York – March 2019. In an exclusive interview with Brazil Talk, the Brazilian economist André Lara Resende shares his vision on: – Fiscal Policy – Beyond GDP Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, André Lara Resende was the Director of the Central Bank of Brazil, one of the … Continue reading Interview with André Lara Resende

Brazil’s Complicated Relationship with Money

By Nathaniel Archer Lawrence [5 min read] When I tell Brazilians I teach financial education, nearly without fail their first response is, “Oh, I need that.” Brazil finds itself almost a decade into an existential economic crisis[1]. The “social-democratic” darling of BRIC countries in 2010, Brazil has spent the better part of this decade suffering. … Continue reading Brazil’s Complicated Relationship with Money

Game of Thrones and Climate Change: Brace yourselves, Summer is Coming!

By Cassia Moraes [8 min read] Imagine a world where different political clans fight for increasing their power while ignoring a threat never seen before – and which can annihilate their societies without much consideration for man-made boundaries. The narrative above could be an introduction for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, … Continue reading Game of Thrones and Climate Change: Brace yourselves, Summer is Coming!

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