Presidential Elections: Every Vote Counts!


Dear Brazil Talk Readers,

Every Vote Counts! Brazil needs your vote!

If you are Brazilian and living abroad for at least 1 year you must register with the nearest Brazilian Consulate in order to vote. We, from Brazil Talk, have concluded the process this week and everything was very simple. Here is the step by step guide of what you need, we will use NYC as an example but the information should be the same or very similar if you live elsewhere.

  1. You must go HERE fill out the form requesting TSE to change your voting section to the consulate and upload your documents.
  2. Once you are done print the form with the protocol number.
  3. Go to the nearest Consulate (the consulate in your jurisdiction), with the original and copy of the documents you uploaded in step 1 and the printed form.
    1. Documents needed:
      1. Original and Copy of your Brazilian ID (“RG” or passport) with photo and your parent’s name,
        1. if your document does not contain your parents name you, make sure also make sure to bring another document that contains that information (Brazilian Birth certificate, Marriage certificate…)
      2. If you are a man (18 to 45 years old), bring your Military Certificate.
      3. Bring the original and copy of a bill proving you have been living abroad for at least 1 year (Cell Phone bill, electricity bill, housing agreement/contract). 
  4. You are done!
  5. Come out and vote in October!

For this information in Portuguese and for the Consulate in NYC please click here.


Brazil Talk Team