Brazil’s leading environment policymaker addresses post-Trump climate change conversation and new challenges for the 2020’s

On November 18, join us for a conversation with former Minister of the Environment Izabella Monica Teixeira, one of the leading voices of the global conversation on enviromental issues, with a vast international leadership experience in sustainability policymaking, specially regarding indigenous communities.

Providing the global conversation with precious insights on what the Brazilian agenda should be for the 2020 decade, Brazil Talk’s Webinar Series “Lessons From Esplanada” brings insights from former Brazilian Ministers about the challenges and opportunities for the largest country in Latin America.

In our conversation, we will talk about a Brazilian perspective on the global climate change conversation, new challenges of sustainable development for the 2020 decade and new pathways for Brazil’s environmental and energy agenda. Minister Teixeira will also share her thoughts on Brazil’s critical role in tackling climate change and deforestation, as well as how Joe Biden’s presidency might impact the Brazilian environmental agenda.

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ON WEDNESDAY, November 18
1 pm to 2:30 pm (EST) /
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (BRT)

** This event will be held in English.