Brazil’s Complicated Relationship with Small Business

By Nathaniel Archer Lawrence [6 min read] As discussed in my previous piece “Brazil’s Complicated Relationship with Money,” Brazil has cultivated an abundance of financial education initiatives, 1,400 in fact.[1] Among these programs, however, one category remains conspicuously absent: small business. In total, small business represents a mere 1% of total initiatives.[2]

Brazil’s Complicated Relationship with Money

By Nathaniel Archer Lawrence [5 min read] When I tell Brazilians I teach financial education, nearly without fail their first response is, “Oh, I need that.” Brazil finds itself almost a decade into an existential economic crisis[1]. The “social-democratic” darling of BRIC countries in 2010, Brazil has spent the better part of this decade suffering.… Read More Brazil’s Complicated Relationship with Money