Camila Jordan

Camila_fullOne grows up being taught to be sure about everything, but Camila came to realize the importance of not being afraid to ask pertinent questions. While working in the poorest favelas in Brazil with community development one might think the answers are obvious, but rather than arriving with set solutions, one should learn to listen to what people are saying. Camila worked simultaneously as an environmental analyst trainee in the Brazilian National Cement Association (SNIC) as well as coordinating the fundraising department at TETO. With multi- local work experience in Europe, Asia and South America and five languages to aid in all the listening, Camila is hoping to find more people willing to ask questions and work together for an equal world. After graduation, Camila is focused on working on urban issues related to social aspects such as affordable housing and sustainable city management.

University Attended: NOVA University, Lisbon Portugal
Degrees(s) Awarded: B.S. Environmental Engineering and 2018 Candidate at the MPA in Development Practice Master Program at SIPA, Columbia University.
Origin: Lisbon, Portugal and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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