Camila Jordan

Camila_fullThe through-line of Camila’s work has been advocating for and working towards systems change at different levels in the urban environment, both with individuals in underserved areas and policy analysis and research in Brazil and New York City. During her time in NYC she worked in setting up a Technology Innovation Lab for government officials in the housing sector. Later, she kickstarted the Basement Conversion Pilot Program in East NY, Brooklyn with Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation. As the Program Director she coordinated with NYC’s Housing Department, four partner organizations, and while also leading the team servicing homeowners on the ground. Back in Brazil now, Camila is the current Executive Director for TETO, a latinamerican NGO present in 19 countries, that works towards extreme poverty and emergency housing relief. Her challenge is to penetrate a 30 year old model with innovation and steward the organization to think and act towards long term systemic change in local and national Housing and Economic Policy.
Camila holds a bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering from Nova University in Portugal and a Master’s in Public Administration, where she focused on Housing and Urban Policy, from Columbia University.

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