Isabela Pereira Cunha


Isabela Pereira Cunha is a Master of International Affairs candidate at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) – Columbia University, concentrating on human rights and international organizations. Prior to SIPA, she attended the International Affairs Institute at the University of Brasília, where she organized and published a book on human security. During her internships with UNAIDS, UNHCR, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Open Society Foundations, Ms. Cunha has dealt with different topics within the large spectrum of human rights guarantees.

Ms. Cunha’s studies at SIPA are focused on democratic governance as well as on the combat of torture and other forms of violence perpetrated by the state. Her regional interest is Latin America, with emphasis on Brazilian issues and she is part of the Lemann Fellows network. Ms. Cunha is a firm believer of advocacy as a means of advancing human rights. In SIPA, she is the communications chair of the Latin American Student Association and the United Nations Studies Working Group. After graduation, Ms. Cunha plans to work with democratic governance and human rights advocacy in Latin America, more specifically in Brazil.