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Why do You Need Planning and Write-back in Power BI?

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Overly Complex Tech Stack

Digital transformation can lead to tech stack overload, which adds cost and complexity to your IT infrastructure and creates a skills gap between your users and your technology. How can you simplify your tech stack and empower your users to do more from within your existing Power BI solution?

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Disconnected Planning Data and Tools

Planning with disconnected tools and data sources can cause siloed, inaccurate data, a lack of transparency and accountability, and long planning cycles. How can you improve your planning process and overcome these challenges? How can you connect your data sources, create dynamic models, and collaborate in real-time, all from within Power BI?

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Can’t Get Beyond Data Visualization and Analysis

Power BI is a great tool for data visualization and analysis, but what happens when you need to go further to support broader business needs, such as those requiring write-back functionality? How can you extend Power BI to become a versatile and productive business tool designed to meet your specific needs and goals?

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Work in Power BI Like You do in Excel

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Transform Power BI into a Complete Planning, Forecasting, and Collaboration Solution

Unify and Enrich Data in Your Power BI

You already have Power BI, so why force your business users to learn or use new tools? Power ON allows you to go beyond analysis in Power BI to plan, forecast, and collaborate in real time. Consolidate your operational, sales, supply/demand, and production planning efforts across multiple departments within your existing Power BI environment. Integrate your planning processes into Power BI and use modern features like driver-based modeling, what-if scenarios, workflows and approval, prediction (AI/ML), collaboration, and custom visuals. Edit, comment, and filter; Power BI updates instantaneously, all while respecting role-based security. Effectively manage your data structures, hierarchies, and elements with built-in Master Data Management. Go beyond analysis to plan and make better decisions with more confidence, unified in one place, in Power BI.

Break Down Silos to Speed Up Customization and Gain Power BI Flexibility

Unlock the full potential of your planning process with Power BI write-back functionality. Edit data in dashboards, reports, or apps and observe visualization updates in real time, and save changes back to the underlying data source. Empower your IT and analyst teams to effortlessly build custom applications and interactive Power BI reports without the hassle of custom coding. Streamline collaborative data collection processes and make critical business decisions with ease by directly writing back to tabular models and premium data sets, eliminating the need for complex multidimensional databases and third-party solutions.

Turn Power BI into a Versatile and Productive Business Tool

Let your business users work with their data in a familiar, Excel-like way within Power BI. Enable them to analyze, enter, edit, copy/paste, filter, slice, and format data directly in Power BI to unleash their creativity and maximize their efficiency. Discover the ultimate planning software that revolutionizes your business strategy. With driver-based planning, top-down planning, and KPI goal-seeking capabilities, Power ON empowers you to make data-driven decisions that propel your organization forward. Experience the power of multi-version simulation, automated data imports, model building, model publishing, and seamless integration with Power BI for visually stunning and efficient planning processes. Unleash your true potential with comprehensive planning software today.

Meet Your Technology and Business Needs

Power ON solutions fit into your existing technology stack and embed seamlessly into the Power BI ecosystem. In the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid, Power ON leverages and respects your existing systems and security.

  • Run in private or public Cloud
  • Use it on-premises with Power BI Report Server
  • House it in your own Azure tenant
  • Works across disparate datasets; Composite models and hybrid tables
  • Leverage advanced read-and-write rules
  • Create user or group-based security rules


Planning and Write-back in Power BI

With Power ON you get a true interactive experience directly in Power BI. Gone are the days of analysis in Power BI, then exporting to Excel to do what-if analysis, commentary, etc… Now you can analyze, and immediately enter, edit, copy/paste, filter, slice, and even format directly in Power BI. You get the flexibility of an Excel spreadsheet and the full might of Power BI.

  • Filtered Spreadsheet experience in Power BI
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Sparklines
  • Client-side calculations
  • Excel formulas like VLOOKUP and SUMIF
  • and so much more…
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Pivot Tables

Finally, you can edit, copy/paste, pivot, query, and write-back in Power BI. Data updates in real time, across all related visuals.

  • Read/write in a pivot table experience
  • Commentary on any data point
  • Client-side pivot settings: filter, slice/dice, calculations
  • Flexible stylesheet formatting
  • See immediate updates across related visuals
  • Include statistical, operational, or financial metrics
  • Actual, plan, and forecast data in the same matrix
  • For any data: expense, revenue, sales, supply, demand, inventory, HR, and more
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A true filtered spreadsheet experience inside Power BI, enabling you to interact with data across planning and other collaborative processes; product, sales, customers, revenues, expense, etc… Edit, write-back, and plan in Power BI, as if you were in Excel; right mouse click, copy/paste, drag down, and more.

  • Commenting: individual or threaded conversation
  • Client-side filtering and sorting
  • Copy/paste
  • Rich input controls: Text and checkboxes, drop downs, date picker, and more
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Drag and Drop Charts

Bar-charts, line-charts, and Gantt-charts provide interactive analysis and edit capability across collaborative processes; planning, forecasting, project management (Gantt), etc.

  • WYSIWYG edits to plans and forecasts
  • Drag to edit values across bar, line, or Gantt charts
  • Create rapid-fire what-ifs and see immediate effects
  • Automate project updates to schedules, tasks, and critical path sequences (Gantt)
  • Manage tasks and sub-tasks through visual hierarchies
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Master Data Management

Effectively manage and enrich your data structures, hierarchies, and elements. Power ON’s Table Editor enables Master Data Management as a custom visual within Power BI.

  • Add, delete, modify any value (respects approval, workflow, and/or role-based security)
  • Add values, drop-downs, checkboxes, calendar picker, text, text areas to any dataset
  • Multiple columns for search and filtering
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AI, ML & Predictions

With Power ON, you can capitalize on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and ‘R’ within Power BI. Apply these powerful tools to organizational data to create projections that complement and boost human decisions across any planning and forecasting process.

  • RUN AI/ML rules inside Power BI to generate predictive datasets
  • Create ML Forecasts on any data
  • Model predictive analytics that can return ‘R’ or Python script data points to Power BI
  • Optimize decisions on complex scenarios
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Work with the #1 Write-back and Planning Vendor for Power BI

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Power ON was, and still is, a unique solution – there’s nothing quite like it in the marketplace. Since 2018, we’ve worked with Power ON and Power BI to make the most of this partnership as we evolve and grow together.

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