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The current climate of increased public scrutiny, oversight from tax authorities and growing business risk means improving your organization’s operational transfer pricing practices is more essential than ever. Longview Transfer Pricing provides you with the tools you need to monitor and execute your transfer pricing processes and improve your bottom line.

How technology can help you take a more strategic approach to transfer pricing.

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How Multinationals Can Improve Global Transfer Pricing Forecasts to Address Changes Due to COVID-19

The onset of COVID-19 initiated a series of events around the world that changed markets overnight and saw governments scrambling to react. The multiple fallouts will likely impact how transfer pricing teams within multinational enterprises (MNEs) operate on a permanent basis. Savvy businesses will adapt and thrive; rigid businesses will not.

Here are the main considerations for transfer pricing teams in the post-COVID era:

  1. The importance of quickly adapting intra-company pricing whenever internal global supply chains are disrupted
  2. How to balance P&Ls across the organization while also revisiting Advance Pricing Agreements when economies are disrupted
  3. How to plan for potential unseen strings attached to government assistance in the markets
  4. Why greater visibility, more nimbleness, better forecasts, and gradual intervention are the right approach to being more proactive with transfer pricing
  5. How operational transfer pricing enables this increased agility by linking strategy to execution

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to incorporate these points into tax strategies and transfer pricing to not only come out of the pandemic stronger than before, but weather future storms even more effectively.

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How to Improve Efficiencies with your Transfer Pricing Strategy

Faced with the growing demand for tax transparency and the major risks associated with non-compliance, organizations must reinvent themselves to meet the challenges of transfer pricing in 2020.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Jamie Eagan, VP Product Management and Katheryn Abate, Pre-Sales Director, discuss how Longview’s Transfer Pricing Solution empowers users to make potential auditable adjustments faster, more accurately, and with greater visibility.

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