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How Efficient are Your Current Annual and Quarterly Reporting Processes?

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Slow, repetitive manual processes

Existing processes are slow and manual, or subject to long lead times if you work with an external agency. Time is wasted reinventing the wheel, period after period, by recreating the narrative from scratch.

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Static, out-of-date data

It’s hard to produce consistent internal and external reports that effectively tell the story behind your numbers, when the numbers or facts within your final reports can be out-of-date before the report is even published.


Weak compliance and controls

A lack of compliance or control during the “close to disclose” period wastes hours as data are manually copied and pasted from source systems or disparate spreadsheets and files are passed back and forth over poorly controlled channels, such as email.

Enable Fast, Intuitive Creation of Validated Financial Statements by Business Users

Simplify creation of annual and statutory reports

Create clear annual, quarterly, and other external business reports as well as the corresponding management summaries for individual companies or your entire group. Design your reports the way you want them to look while working with a single point of truth for group financial data from your IDL platform. Publish reports in multiple output formats: Word, PDF, RTF, XML, and HTML.

Save time and money with integrated close and disclosure management

Increase productivity and data accuracy with an integrated end-to-end close and disclosure management process. Support the entire close and disclosure process from data entry through to financial reporting to internal and external stakeholders and regulatory authorities. Maintain an audit trail of changes so you can easily see who changed what and when to support the needs of auditors and regulators.

Reduce compliance risk by automating disclosure management

Create a consistent, rules-based e-balance that complies with the XBRL taxonomy that is valid for the notification period, including E-Balance Sheet in Germany and ESMA ESEF. Support all industry taxonomies defined by HGB accounting standards. Import balances and charts of accounts from multiple systems, including SAP.

Work with a single version of truth for accurate group financial data

The IDL platform offers a complete financial performance management solution, in which close and consolidation are integrated with financial budgeting, operational planning, disclosure management, and reporting and analytics. Automatically process data from multiple source systems with SAP ECC- and S/4 HANA-certified integration and smart connectivity to other ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics and DATEV. With all your processes working together from a single point of truth, you have accurate data to underpin consistent, company-wide decisions and to streamline your financial processes.


No More Manually Entering Data

Use data and structures from the Single Point of group financial data provided by the IDL Platform to design your reports the way you want them with complete freedom.

  • Copy data and structures from IDL Konsis and transfer to your design
  • Improve data accuracy by adopting a more automated production process
  • Enable business users to complete reporting tasks for themselves, without needing help from IT
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Multi-Layered Design Approach

Similar to a CMS, you can create the text or content first and then take care of the layout.

  • Work on two levels—text and tables—to support commentary and numbers
  • Design your reports as you need them by working with the text and table levels; for flexibility, you can create one without the other and then join them together later on
Multi Layered Design Approach 2

Maximize Productivity

Maximize productivity and ensure accuracy with form templates and wizards that handle data transfer and perform validation checks.

  • Transfer consolidated and validated data from IDL Konsis into secure tables with custom formatting options
  • Create annual reports easily and quickly with excellent user-friendly design
  • Allow multiple authors to work on the same report at the same time
  • Increase productivity: Customers like Novomatic spend 75 percent less time creating reports
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Work with the #1 Reporting Vendor for ERPs and EPMs

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With IDL, we can rely on the data quality in corporate management 24/7, around the globe and in all time zones.

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