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Organizations are becoming increasingly complex, requiring management of ever-changing corporate structures, large volumes of data, and changing market conditions. Calumo provides automated reporting, planning, and budgeting solutions that support extended planning and analysis to enhance corporate performance management and is now a part of the insightsoftware family.

insightsoftware’s strategy is to offer our customers the right financial and operational reporting and planning solution regardless of company size, ERP, EPM, or reporting environment preferences.

Are You in Control of Your Data, or
Does Your Data Control You?

Stuck With Time-Intensive Manual Processes

Existing solutions are not scalable and can’t support the needs of a growing business. Qualified professionals waste their time in spreadsheets and refreshing routine reporting, rather than analyzing data to generate business value.

Siloed Data Results in Inaccurate Reporting

Data is siloed across business departments, resulting in inefficient and inaccurate reporting. Teams can’t collaborate effectively through versioned spreadsheets sent as email attachments. The lack of transparency negatively impacts your culture of data cleanliness and trust.

Slow Processes Hinder Analysis and Agility

The close process is too slow to meet stakeholder requirements and teams are only getting financial feedback weeks after month-end, when it’s too late for action. Business opportunities are lost because the data analysis is too slow.

A Complete, Proven Solution for all
Your xP&A Needs

08 2021 Report Calumo Barcsurvey Resource

Calumo Earns Top Rankings in BARC's The BI & Analytics Survey 21

BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey is the world’s largest annual survey of BI software vendors and users. The survey collects and analyses feedback from over 2,500 respondents and 33 leading BI and analytics solutions.

CALUMO has taken part in the survey every year since 2015, and this year we have achieved 50 top ranks alongside 52 leading positions in five different peer groups.

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