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Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Data Should Never be Hard to Access

Microsoft Dynamics Gp Microsoft Dynamics Gp Data Is Dificult

Compile Your Data

When you need to easily run reports from Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) for GL and other data sources (e.g., sales and purchase orders, legacy systems, and Excel) so that you have more time for insight and analysis.

Microsoft Dynamics Gp Microsoft Dynamics Gp Sql Reports Are Expensive

Customize Reports without Technical Knowledge

When you need to create new reports, or modify existing ones, and you don’t have the time or budget to delegate this to expensive consultants or specialists with the skills to manage SQL-coded GP reports.

Microsoft Dynamics Gp Microsoft Dynamics Gp Too Many Reporting Solutions

Simplify Your Process

When you need to consolidate the number of tools you use for reporting and planning and budgeting, including Management Reporter and SQL, so you spend less time bringing your data together manually, and managing and training employees on redundant reporting and budgeting functions from overlapping tools.

Financial Reporting, Corporate Analytics, and Collaborative Budgeting Built for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Understand Your True Financial Position

insightsoftware’s reporting, BI, and budgeting solutions are built to give you fast access to your data in Microsoft Dynamics and across other sources. Create everything from financial overview dashboards to detailed financial statements. Build any financial report, exactly the way you want to see it, directly inside of Excel, with real-time data access and drill-down into transactional data to find and fix issues, fast. Blend GP data with other sources to create a single source of truth that simplifies data access for Power BI to accelerate development of interactive, management dashboards.

Operations Feature 1

Finance-Owned Reporting

No more waiting on consultants or resource-strapped IT departments to create or update the reports you need. With insightsoftware, there are no hard-coding or programming skills required, so your team can explore your Microsoft Dynamics GP data and create or modify reports on their own, using their existing Excel skills.

Business Central Feature 5

Streamline Your Reporting and Budgeting Processes

Stop relying on multiple tools to do your job. Streamline time-sensitive financial processes, from reporting to budgeting and planning, and reduce the amount of training and specialization required. When todays’ budgeting processes can be time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to manage, switch to a simple and easy-to-use budgeting solution made for your business and your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

Jet Hub Feature 2 3

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Fast, integrated, web-based budgeting, planning and forecasting designed for growing mid-sized businesses needing a scalable solution.

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Jet Reports

Flexible financial and business reporting solution running inside Excel and on the Web.

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Jet Analytics

Reliable Reporting and Analytics for All Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Data.

How To Compare Reporting & BI Solutions

How to Compare Microsoft Dynamics BI and Reporting Solutions

In this whitepaper, you will learn about what’s included in the Microsoft BI stack, common data frustrations faced by Microsoft Dynamics users, a comparison of your BI options (including out-of-the-box functionality), and finally, a complete framework for evaluating third-party BI solution providers.

Work with the #1 Reporting, Analytics, and Budgeting Vendor for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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“By using the features in Jet Reports, budgeting templates that used to take two weeks to create now take a few hours.”

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