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Does Reporting on Your Oracle ERP Cloud Data Mean Struggling with Slow, Inflexible Tools and Processes?

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Preparing Ad Hoc Reports is Difficult and Relies on IT Skills

Finance teams frequently need to query Oracle ERP Cloud data to answer ad hoc questions. Although the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications suite offers several tools such as OTBI and Smart View for reporting, navigating this web of applications can be complex. Even once you find the tool you need, it’s likely you’ll still need significant expertise or technical knowledge to use them. This leaves finance teams dependent on scarce IT skills to create and modify reports.

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Oracle ERP Cloud Reporting Tools Don’t Meet the Needs of Finance

Financial processes such as month-end close require flexibility and access to up-to-date data. However, tools like OTBI that query directly against the Cloud Application database are slow, while Smart View and Oracle Analytics Cloud don’t offer real-time reporting at all. These limitations combined with a lack of a flexible drill-down capability into live transactional data result in delays and frustrations.


Reporting Doesn’t Reflect Your Current Data

Your finance team manages many time-critical processes, both during the month and at period end close. To work effectively, it is essential that you provide them with access to the most current data from Oracle ERP Cloud. However, when they’re stuck with tools that can only update their data every few hours, finance is left feeling like they’re fighting a losing battle against the clock.

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Unlock the Power of Oracle ERP Cloud with Self-Service Reporting

Shrink Reporting Cycles with Access to Current Data from Oracle ERP Cloud

Access near real-time data from Oracle ERP Cloud to make sense of fast-changing business conditions, support time-critical processes, and address period end closing needs, all without the slow performance or API restrictions of a direct connection. With the fastest updates on the market, you can be confident that your decisions are based on consistent, reliable, and accurate information. Eliminate time-consuming manual data exports to Excel pivot tables. Refresh reports and run ad hoc account inquiries at any time during the month for interim reporting or to investigate variances on an ongoing basis, not just at month end.

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Take Control of Your Oracle ERP Cloud Reporting

Remove your IT dependency with a self-service reporting solution that understands your Oracle data structures and delivers financial data to Excel or your BI tool of choice. Empower business users to create their own refreshable and drillable reports, with flexible layouts, against your Oracle ERP Cloud data, in minutes. Create accurate, timely, consolidated reports across multiple data sources—cloud and on-premise. Format income statements, balance sheets, and other reports exactly how you want them. Run up-to-date reports for previous periods and custom to-dates without relying on snapshotted data or stale data dumps. 

Get Up And Running Fast

Get Fast Answers and Deeper Analysis Capabilities

Easily customize reports by adding in new columns, or filters, and then drilling into detail data to ensure you make the right decisions. Go beyond native Oracle ERP Cloud reporting with drilldown from summary data into balances, journals, and right down to subledger transactions, so you can find and fix reconciliation and data integrity issues fast. 

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Rapid User Adoption

Fast user adoption means a shorter time to value, thanks to an intuitive and familiar Excel-based user interface and self-service report creation that empower business users to get the answers they need quickly and easily. Realize the benefits of purpose-built Oracle ERP Cloud financial reporting within one reporting cycle. 

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The Complete Guide to Reporting and Analytics in Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud is a great platform for managing virtually all aspects of a modern enterprise. However, it also brings with it a great deal of complexity, especially for the Office of the CFO. Oracle offers seven different reporting tools, each having its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Understanding which tool to use for any given purpose can be quite a challenge.

For the finance and accounting department, Oracle’s myriad of complex reporting tools can make it especially hard to get things done independently, without always relying on the IT department to design and configure reports. When you need to perform ad hoc analyses at month-end, those kinds of dependencies can lead to unnecessary delays. With the right tools, finance and accounting can take ownership of reporting and analysis, gaining speed and efficiency.

In this free guide, you’ll learn about the reporting and analytics tools that currently exist within the Oracle ERP Cloud, see how to meet specific customer requirements, and discover the best approaches for achieving your financial and operational reporting goals. Download the guide today.

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