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Rapid Insights Direct From
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Get the Insight You Need from The Data You Have

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Deliver Actionable Insights From Your ERP

insightsoftware's suite of operational reporting solutions can meet you on your reporting journey, with built-in ERPsmarts.

Michael Bennett Accounting Projects & Systems Director
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For anyone looking at Angles as a possible solution, for the price and for the ease of implementation and the fact that comes pre-loaded with reports out the door, it's a fantastic option... It is similar in look and feel to Tableau, but it is much easier to stand up and probably cheaper as well.

Fred Holvast Logistics Director at Heineken Netherlands
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I was flabbergasted. Absolutely flabbergasted. We’ve managed to improve our data integrity by major, major steps.

Srini Chavali Director, Enterprise Database and Tools
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Reporting is always a challenge because there are so many stakeholders trying to get the information out of Oracle, especially EBS. Angles for Oracle provides a very stable and compact platform on which to run the reports.

Roles & Industries

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our ERPsmarts and deep industry knowledge allow us to build operational reporting and analytics tools to fit your specific needs depending on your industry and role.

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Data Architect

Whether you’re looking for a way to organize disparate systems, clean up your data or pull reports faster, our organizational reporting solutions give you to the power to control your company’s data while securely giving more departments access to the vital insights held inside.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Staying agile in today’s geopolitical environment is vital for supply chain managers. Using data systems that allow you to quickly make changes can often be the important difference in delivering orders on time and getting your product to market.

Bi Manager Graphic Operational Reporting

BI Manager

Pulling reports from multiple data sources, means hours of manual lookups and keeping that data updated constantly. With one version of the truth that combines multiple data sources, BI Managers can quickly report on financial and business operations.

Manufacturing Graphic


Whether you need to reduce bottlenecks and keep consistent product information on file or if you need to report on production, insightsoftware’s operational reporting and analytics solutions are purpose built for the manufacturing sector’s complex and unique needs.

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Constant access to data across applications and platforms can be a difficult task for technology firms that are looking to deliver the highest levels of performance and speed to customers. With data connectivity and interoperability, tech leaders can stay ahead of the competition.


Operational reporting and analytics is a type of software that provides real-time insights with visual dashboards. It gathers data from specific products, programs or services and provides a snapshot of past business performance in a given time period.

These data are often shared with the wider organization to give greater insights into company operations.

Operational reporting and analytics can help you achieve better results in different areas, see clear and timely data with graphical displays, and monitor performance across all operational stages.

With operational reporting and analytics, you can enjoy benefits such as monitoring and alerts, context-aware insights, dashboards, visualizations, process optimization, and the ability to identify and address bottlenecks or silos.

Unlike traditional BI, which gives a broad view of how an organization is doing, operational reporting and analytics gives timely and detailed information on particular aspects of the organization, such as its offerings, projects or activities.