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Here’s how Longview Tax can help.

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insightsoftware’s Longview Tax provides an end-to-end solution for your tax reporting needs. Longview’s new features have been purpose-built to help your tax team more efficiently manage the upcoming challenges with BEPS. Additionally, more BEPS functionality is in development, including return-ready data, visualizations to identify at-risk jurisdictions, as well as features to help manage your myriad of Pillar 2 elections.

Faster, more accurate reporting with Longview Tax means your team won’t have to wait for data consolidation or processing to complete provisioning. Automate your data collection and manage it from multiple sources and enjoy real-time calculations and data consolidation. Liberate your tax team from reporting error anxiety and give them back time to spend on value-added activities.

Longview’s intelligent automation capabilities align with your unique processes and workflows, so there’s no need to worry about data integrity or manual tasks. You can easily integrate Longview with multiple sources of data, creating a single source of tax truth. Enjoy a streamlined, centralized application for all your tax processes.

Pair Longview with insightsoftware’s CXO application, to take advantage of dynamic visualizations that help tell your tax narrative. Use engaging storyboards, visualizations, and graphics to package your data for C-suite executives. They will love the real-time analysis, presented in an easy-to-understand way, with confidence that the underlying numbers are correct.

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The Role of Technology in Adopting BEPS 2.0

BEPS 2.0 will introduce new complexities into the tax forecasting and reporting processes, potentially with powerful implications on corporate structuring and transfer pricing decisions.