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How Fast and Accurate are Your Financial Planning, Consolidation, and Reporting Processes?


Faced with increasing complexity

The Office of the CFO at growing enterprises with ever-changing corporate structures and increasing regulations are faced with new demands of stakeholders for more and reliable consolidated financial statements available at lightning speed. This level of complexity needs the best software available.

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Reliance on static spreadsheets

Static spreadsheet models used nearly everywhere today are not enough to ensure compliance for complex regional and international accounting standards, especially for auditors. Therefore, these static spreadsheets need to be integrated in auditable financial processes.


Stuck in low value, manual activities

Seventy percent of finance leaders are unhappy with the time available to spend on analysis, according to a recent FSN survey. The number one reason: existing processes are slow and manual. Time is wasted reinventing the wheel, period after period, and recreating outputs from scratch, opening up the risk of errors while leaving little time for value-added analysis.

Reduce Risk by Eliminating Data Silos, Duplicated Efforts, and Inconsistencies Between Systems

Develop a single point of truth for accurate group financial data

Reduce errors and inconsistencies with one platform for financial close and consolidation, financial and operational planning, financial reporting and analytics, and disclosure management. Ensure a consistent view of financial information by integrating financial processes to reduce data silos and encourage cross-division cooperation.

Speed up financial processes to leave more time for value-added analysis

Automate financial processes to enable a fast, five-day close and increase reliability and compliance at both entity and corporate levels. Reduce time spent on manual processes using purpose-built technology with rich functionality, comprehensive automation capabilities, and integrated accounting standards and business rules to support all financial consolidation, planning, and group reporting requirements for financial and management accounting.

De-risk your implementation with deep integration into your accounting and ERP systems

Reduce time to value with pre-built, smart connectors that understand your accounting and ERP systems. Automatically process data from multiple source systems with SAP ECC- and S/4 HANA-certified integration—almost half of IDL customers run SAP—and smart connectivity to interface with other ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics and DATEV. Drill through from consolidated data into the underlying source system down to individual bookings to speed up analysis.

Scale from a few subsidiaries to several thousand legal entities

Implement fully compliant, standardized financial consolidations and cover all requirements for group-wide reporting. A modular, scalable architecture address the needs of organizations of different sizes, across multiple industries, including the public sector and banking and financial services.

Work with a trusted partner in the DACH region

IDL is recognized as a market leader in the DACH region for Financial Performance Management in the “BARC Score Financial Performance Management DACH 2021.” IDL software is made in Germany and used globally. We are trusted by over 1,100 customers in the DACH region, where our team of highly qualified consultants ensure fast, smooth implementations. Our software is certified for auditing standards (IDW PS 880) and covers a broad range of accounting standards, including IFRS, HGB, U.S. GAAP, Swiss GAAP FER, etc.

Company-Wide Financial Performance Management Software

IDL Konsis

Experience a short, optimized close by implementing fully compliant, standardized financial consolidations that cover all requirements for group-wide reporting.

  • Support all legal and management consolidation requirements of even the most complex organizations
  • Transform period-end with a fast, accurate five-day close
  • Simplify compliance with built-in rules for regional and international accounting standards
Idl Konsis Group Monitor 1

IDL Forecast

Create group-wide financial plans quickly and easily by integrating planning and consolidation models for a single point of truth that meets all your business needs.

  • Create effective and accurate group-wide financial plans and forecasts
  • Customize or extend financial planning models to meet your business needs
  • Reduce manual effort required to manage your financial planning process
Idl Forecast Planning Monitor 2

IDL Designer

Increase forecast accuracy by integrating operational and financial plans with flexible reporting and analytics to provide business leaders with a consistent view of performance.

  • Shorten planning cycles for complex corporate plans
  • Design best-in-class operational planning processes to match how your organization works
  • Satisfy all your intercompany, statutory, and management reporting needs
Idl Designer Dashboard 3

IDL Publisher

Reduce the risk of errors by integrating close and disclosure management into one system for faster creation and more accurate finance and statutory reports.

  • Save time and money with integrated close and disclosure management
  • Simplify creation of annual and finance reports
  • Reduce compliance risk by automating disclosure management
Idl Publisher Annual Report 4 (1) (1)

Work with a Market Leader in the DACH Region for Financial Performance Management

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With the software solution from IDL, we can flexibly react to new requirements from the regulatory environment.

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